AI in general 1, 2018

AI in the Nordic-Baltic region

Denmark,Estonia,Finland,Faroe Islands,Iceland,Latvia,Lithuania,Norway,Sweden,Aland Islands


Nordic Council of Ministers


Data, Standards, interoperability, Privacy, Trust,


The ministers responsible for digital development in Finland, Denmark, Estonia, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Åland Islands, Norway and Sweden have signed an agreement, which welcomes the Artificial Intelligence for Europe strategy and the Declaration of Cooperation on AI. Recognising the significant economic benefits that AI might bring to the Nordic-Baltic countries as well as its serious risks, the ministers agreed to “develop and promote the use of artificial intelligence to serve humans better.” The cooperation will be led by the Swedish Government.
The countries agreed to cooperate on:
  • skills development to support AI adoption;

  • enhancing  access to data;

  • developing ethical and transparent guidelines, standards, principles and values;

  • ensuring that all infrastructure, including hardware, software and data are based on standards, “enabling interoperability, privacy, security, trust, good usability, and portability”;

  • supporting the implementation of AI initiatives in the EU’s Digital Single Market;

  • avoiding unnecessary regulation;

  • Utilising the Nordic Council of Ministers for collaboration in relevant policy areas.

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