Automated Decision Systems 29, 2019

Automating Society

European Union




Based in Germany, AlgorithmWatch is "a non-profit research and advocacy organisation to evaluate and shed light on algorithmic decision making processes that have a social relevance, meaning they are used either to predict or prescribe human action or to make decisions automatically."
The report was produced in collaboration with the Bertelsmann Foundation with support from the Open Society Foundations. It takes stock of automated decision-making at the EU level and in 12 Member States: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK. The report covers societal discussions on the topic of automated decision-making, the regulatory proposals that have been put forward, as well as the oversight institutions and mechanisms that are in place. Finally, it contains an extensive list of automated decision-making systems 'in action' in both the private and public sectors at the time of publication.

AI Governance

This database is an information resource about global governance activities related to artificial intelligence. It is designed as a tool to help researchers, innovators, and policymakers better understand how AI governance is developing around the world.

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