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Coalition on Artificial Intelligence



Ministry for Innovation and Technology


The Coalition on AI was launched by the Hungarian Ministry for Innovation and Technology in October 2018. The Coalition’s activities unfold under the Government’s Digital Welfare Programme, which was launched in 2015 and is meant to allow Hungarian citizens and businesses to reap the benefits of digitization. The Coalition is envisioned as a long-term forum for AI developers, government and market users, academic and professional stakeholders to collectively define the course and framework for AI development and use in Hungary.
The aim of the Coalition is to position Hungary among the European leaders of AI development and applications; to strengthen Hungarian competitiveness through AI adoption; to support Hungarian startups and SMEs undertake AI development, and to support their partnerships with academic and industry players locally and internationally; and to support the development of the Hungarian economy and society through a considered, fair and regulated use of data-assets both by government and all other actors of the digital ecosystem.
The Coalition will provide a platform to discuss broad ranging issues and create consensus, while the Government will seek to expedite the process of lawmaking in the area. The Coalition is comprised of 140 partner organisations, including representatives of several Government Ministries, universities, local and multinational corporations, banks, SMEs and some civil society organisations. The Coalition has formed 6 working groups:
  • AI strategy

  • Technology and security

  • Data-industry and data-assets

  • Regulation and ethics

  • Applications and market development

  • Education and public engagement

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    The national AI strategy is due to be completed by the end of 2019.

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