Data protection 1, 2017

Data Broker Accountability and Transparency Act of 2018 (H.R. 6548)



US House of Representatives




Several similar bills have been introduced in the House and the Senate in previous years.
The 2018 Act recognises that “processing of personal information by data brokers and the commercial clients of data brokers affects economic marketplace opportunities available to individuals.” In addition, processing by the Federal Government and state agencies may affect an individual’s ability to travel, work, obtain government benefits, and receive government services. Existing laws don’t provide sufficient privacy or due process rights, as individuals don’t always have access to or can seek correction of personal information maintained about them by data brokers.
A data broker is defined as a “commercial entity that collects, assembles, or maintains personal information concerning an individual who is not a customer or an employee of that entity in order to sell the information or provide third party access to the information.”
The bill requires data brokers to establish procedures to ensure the accuracy of collected personal information and prohibits obtaining or soliciting personal information by false pretenses. Data brokers shall also provide an individual a means to review any personal information, or other information that specifically identifies that individual, that the covered data broker collects, assembles, or maintains on that individual.

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