Data governance 1, 2018

Data Ethics Framework

United Kingdom


Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport


Accountability, Transparency, Privacy, Bias, Public sector data,


The Data Ethics Framework offers guidance on the use of data in the UK Government and the public sector. It replaces the previous Data Science Ethical Framework. Building on the core values of integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality defined by the Civil Service Code, the Data Ethics Framework lays out 7 principles for public servants working with data to act appropriately. The Framework also includes a workbook, which contains a set of questions in relation to each principle in order to help articulate the details of any planned data use and to mitigate potential risks. A separate workbook with additional questions is available for working with suppliers.

The Data Ethics Framework’s 7 principles are:

  1. Start with clear user need and public benefit

  2. Be aware of relevant legislation and codes of practice

  3. Use data that is proportionate to the user need

  4. Understand the limitations of the data

  5. Use robust practices and work within your skillset

  6. Make your work transparent and be accountable

  7. Embed data use responsibly

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