AI in general 1, 2017

Finland's Age of Artificial Intelligence



Department of Enterprise and Innovation at the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment


The working group on artificial intelligence was appointed by the Mika Lintila, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Employment in Finland in May 2017, to answer the question: “How can it be ensured that Finland becomes one of the frontrunners among the countries that apply AI?”
There are two main concerns: first, the working group was appointed in order to exploit the advantages that Finland has in automation and AI application compared to nine other nations, based on a previous McKinsey report. Second, to find the ways that could turn AI and automatization an engine of future economic growth for Finland. Hence, the paper foresees that within five years, AI application will be an everyday part of every Finnish citizens’ life and by 2030, the country can produce a 3% annual growth and an unemployment-level of 5% by the utilization of AI and automatization.
To make all this come true, 1) Finland should build research networks, since the vast majority of research is done outside its borders; 2) Finland should invest in the cooperation between companies and research institutes; 3) the Finnish corporate taxation should be attractive to investment; 4) Finland should find ways, how the currently available AI education and training applied at a high level at the sciences could be utilized at other fields of education; 5) in energy, healthcare, transport, and industry a “shar and ambitious innovation ecosystem” should be created, since Finland will utilize AI greatly within these fields; 6) ensuring an easy access to AI, robotics, and data platforms for companies of all sizes; 7) Finland should create a legal framework ensuring the availability of good quality of data for companies; 8) regulating the extensive collection and application of MyData; 9) setting up a data provider pilot based on the infrastructure provided by the national architecture for digital services; 10) Finland should spread for the business sector the expertise using the tools and the knowhow to access the computational capacity needed to use AI; 11) Finland should create open piloting and testing environments; 12) Finland must establish an international hub for artificial intelligence, together with a “virtual university” to attract top experts; 13) working age population must be given access to high quality education and AI literacy must be guaranteed for every citizen; 14) Finland should acquire top expertise in AI and in creating piloting environments in order to be made appealing for international experts; 15) Finland should create a “Master of AI” degree; 16) adequate investments and incentives should be made available in AI development; 17) applying AI in public administration by the set up of “Aurora,” providing digital service 24/7; 18) Finland should enhance the cooperation between the private and the public sectors. A public sector reform is needed; 19) Finland should actively influence the work of the EU Commission on its AI agenda setting

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