AI in general 1, 2017

FUTURE of AI Act of 2017 (HR 4625 / S 2217)



US Senate, US House of Representatives


Bias, accountability, labour market effects, data sharing, ethics training,


The Act, simultaneously introduced in the House and the Senate, would direct the Department of Commerce to establish a Federal Advisory Committee (FAC) to advise the Secretary on topics related to the development of artificial intelligence, to study various aspects of it, and to report administrative and legislative recommendations back to the Secretary eighteen months after enactment of the Act.
The purpose of the Committee is threefold.
First, to advise the Secretary on matters relating to the development of artificial general intelligence and narrow artificial intelligence. Specifically, the Committee should advise on AI as it relates to:
  • US competitiveness and public and private investment,

  • The workforce and the use of AI for worker retraining due to technological unemployment,

  • Education, including STEM and the need to meet the changing needs of employers,

  • Ethics training of technologists,

  • The open sharing of data and research,

  • International cooperation and competitiveness,

  • Accountability and legal rights, including matters relating to the responsibility for any violations of laws by an artificial intelligence system and the compatibility of international regulations,

  • Machine bias,

  • The prospects of machine learning to increase the opportunities of  rural communities,

  • Government efficiency, including the streamlining of services.

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    Second, the Committee should assess a range of economic, societal, legal and ethical questions, including the conditions of creating of a favourable climate for public and private investment in AI, the economic benefits of AI, as well as the likely job displacement and new employment opportunities engendered by AI. With respect to ethics, the Committee shall study how bias can be identified and eliminated in algorithms, with attention to the training data, diversity in AI development, and the potential harmful outcomes of AI deployment. In addition, the Committee would assess the utility of ethical standards in AI development and implementation and how the Federal Government can encourage technological progress for the benefit of all social and economic classes. The assessment should extend to a consideration of the suitability of existing legal and regulatory regimes to ensure consumer protection and privacy rights, with a view to modernising these in order to enable the potential of AI. The Committee should study how the Federal Government utilizes artificial intelligence to handle large or complex data sets and explore the possibilities of using AI to affect cost savings and streamline operations. Finally, the Committee should study how ongoing multi-stakeholder dialogues can maximize the potential of artificial intelligence in an inclusive way.
    A report discussing the findings of the above questions and recommendations on administrative or legislative action would be due to the Secretary and to Congress within 540 days of the enactment of the Act.
    The FAC’s 19 members would include 5 members from academia, 6 members from industry (including one representing small business), 6 members from civil society, and 2 members from labor organizations. The committee will also include eight or more members selected from the Department of Education, Department of Justice, Department of Labor, Department of Transportation, Federal Trade Commission, National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Science Foundation, and National Science and Technology Council.

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