AI in general 1, 2018

Guiding Principles for Ethical AI





Bias, accountability, fairness,


Unity is one of the leading 3D engines. The principles are meant as the first version of an iteratively developed blueprint for the responsible use of AI at the company as a whole, by its community and its developers. The guide is short and seemingly adopts an approach whereby certain behaviours/virtues should be cultivated by those working on AI system development or deployment.
The six principles proposed by Unity are:

  1. Be Unbiased.

  2. Be Accountable.

  3. Be Fair.

  4. Be Responsible.

  5. Be Honest.

  6. Be Trustworthy.

Point nr. 3 explicitly includes the commitment to not creating AIs that would interfere with democratic systems of government and invites developers to decline working on developing products that would suppress human rights.
Responsibility entails not manipulating users through ML-based predictive tools.
Trustworthiness means guarding AI-derived data and using only in line with the other 5 values.

AI Governance

This database is an information resource about global governance activities related to artificial intelligence. It is designed as a tool to help researchers, innovators, and policymakers better understand how AI governance is developing around the world.

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