AI in general 1, 2020

Norwegian National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence



Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation


The Norwegian AI strategy outlines the ways in which the country can reap the benefits of artificial intelligence, focusing on civilian applications in both the private and public sectors. The strategy is intended as a living document and will need to be reevaluated periodically in light of dynamic developments in the field. Furthermore, it should be considered in connection with other relevant work by the government on areas such as the digitalisation strategy, skills reform, etc.

Norway already benefits from high levels of public trust in government and business, a highly digitised business sector, excellent infrastructure and decades of high quality data, advanced forms of e-governance, and a cooperation between employers, unions and government.

The strategy describes that Norwegian AI should be built on ethical principles, adhere to principles of responsible and trustworthy AI, safeguard the privacy of individuals. In addition, high levels of cybersecurity protections should be embedded into AI technologies, and supervisory authorities should oversee that the technology develops in accordance with these principles. The government commits to advancing AI development by "digitalisation-friendly regulations, good language resources, fast and robust communication networks, and sufficient computing power", as well as facilitating data-sharing.

With regard to the regulatory environment, the government will assess where regulation impede innovation and will embed requirements for accountability and transparency in public sector uses of AI. It will support regulatory sandboxes and will specifically establish a advisory body and a regulatory sandbox for AI in the area of data protection.

Norway seeks to invest in areas of AI development where the country already has a competitive advantage, such as health, seas and oceans, public administration, energy and mobility.

The strategy calls on universities to evaluate how AI-related topics can be integrated into their existing curricula, specially with regard to law and ethics. The importance reskilling and upskilling the Norwegian workforce is emphasised and there is ongoing work on creating flexible educational programmes. The strategy also expresses the government's intention to continue to participate in European and international efforts to promote responsible and trustworthy AI.

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