AI in general 1, 2017

Pan-Canadian AI Strategy



Canadian Institute for Advanced Research


Canada was the first country to announce a national strategy for artificial intelligence, along with a CAN$125m investment over a 5-year period. The effort is led by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, which has a long track record of pursuing AI-related research. CIFAR's Learning in Machines and Brains Program launched in 2004 was initially led by Geoff Hinton, who is widely considered one of the fathers of modern deep learning.
The strategy is executed in partnership with 3 AI institutes, the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII) in Edmonton, the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA) and the Vector Institute in Toronto.
The strategy identified 4 main goals:
  • Increase the number of outstanding artificial intelligence researchers and skilled graduates;

  • Establish interconnected nodes of scientific excellence in the three partnering AI institutes;

  • Develop global thought leadership on the economic, ethical, policy and legal implications of advances in AI;

  • Support a national research community on AI.

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    Over the 5-year period of the initial funding, CIFAR will collaborate with the Canadian research community to enhance Canada’s international profile in research and training, achieve productivity gains in academic research on AI and an increased capacity to generate leading research and innovation, while increasing collaboration across Canada’s AI research centres. Furthermore, it is expected that the strategy will help to attract and retain outstanding AI talent in Canada, as well as to translate AI research into socio-economic benefit through both private and public sector applications.
    In addition, the strategy supports policy-relevant working groups to examine the implications of AI and inform policy-makers.
    The Canadian federal government’s investment in the strategy has led to investment from other levels of government and from the private sector.

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