Lethal autonomous weapon systems 12, 2018

Resolution on autonomous weapon systems

European Union


European Parliament


Human control, Safety,


The Resolution was adopted with over 80% of MEP’s voting in favour of it.
The document cites several earlier positions, recommendations and resolutions that have called for a complete ban on the development, production and use of fully autonomous weapons. 
It cites several reasons, stating that Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS) lack meaningful human control over the selection of targets, they have the potential to trigger an arms race at a previously unprecedented rate, they raise fundamental ethical and legal questions of human control and the implementation of international human rights law and other values with regard to the military, they pose the risk of malfunction on hacking, and that humans should remain in control and accountable for lethal decision.
The Resolution urges the adoption of a common position on LAWS and to work on a legally binding instrument prohibiting lethal autonomous weapon systems and preventing their development and production. This is further justified by the EU’s commitment to act as a force for global peace and disarmament.
The resolution exempts teleoperated systems and existing weapons like air-defence systems from the category of LAWS, and states that engagement decisions against human-inhabited aircraft should be taken by human operators.

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