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The deployment of autonomous vehicles features prominently in Singapore’s Smart Nation strategy. Acting sooner than other countries, in 2014 the government formed the Committee on Autonomous Road Transport for Singapore (CARTS) “to holistically chart the strategic direction for AV-enabled land mobility concepts in Singapore” and launched the Singapore Autonomous Vehicle Initiative (SAVI) as a partnership between the Land Transport Authority and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research. 
The aim of the initiative is to provide a technology platform for the R&D and test-bedding of AV technology solutions. These efforts form parts of Singapore’s broader strategy towards attaining a sustainable transport ecosystem, which seeks to reduce reliance on private transport through ride sharing and mobility on demand, to increases use of public transport. AVs can play a role in achieving these aims through increased road safety, increased productivity and optimised road capacity. The plans include autonomous bus services and truck platooning as well.
Singapore built an artificial 2-hectare mini-town for the testing of AVs by companies, where all the gathered data is shared with the Land Transport Authority. This data will be used to evaluate the technology’s readiness for broad deployment. The city-state’s Road Traffic Act was also updated in 2017 to allow the Land Transport Authority to issue rules about the testing of AVs on public roads and some testing sites have been designated. This sandbox was initially restricted to 5 years at the end of which period more permanent legislation may be crafted.
According to KPMG’s 2018 Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index, Singapore tops the list in terms of policy and legislation.

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