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Sony Group AI Ethics Guidelines





Trust, Privacy, Fairness, Diversity, Transparency,


The guidelines formulate 7 principles to which all Sony officers and employees who use AI must adhere to. This includes AI in products or services provided to customers, as well as any internal use of AI-based tools and processes.

  1. Supporting Creative Life Styles and Building a Better Society - Sony’s AI-related work should empower individuals to unfold their potential and to enrich the culture and life of society through creating new types of emotionally moving experiences.

  2. Stakeholder Engagement - Sony will engage with various stakeholders and consider their viewpoints and interest when developing AI-related tools or services.

  3. Provision of Trusted Products and Services

  4. Privacy Protection - Sony will ensure that personal data gathered through AI-based services will be used in ways that respect customers trust and intention and adhere to laws and regulations.

  5. Respect for Fairness - Sony will respect diversity and human rights in its utilisation of AI and will try to work towards the resolution of social problems.

  6. Pursuit of Transparency - Sony will strive to capture the decisions that inform the design of AI products and will seek to provide explanations about the possible impacts on customers.

  7. The Evolution of AI and Ongoing Education - Sony will consider the broad-ranging implications of AI on society and will work for the betterment of society through such new technologies.

AI Governance

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