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The National AI Strategy of the Federal Government of Germany



Federal Government of Germany


The Federal Government of Germany decided to turn the country into a world-leading nation regarding the application of AI and following the earlier publication of a set of key principles in July 2018, it launched a national AI strategy on the 15 of November. The strategy’s development was led by 3 ministries, Education and Research, Economic Affairs and Energy, and Labor and Social Affairs. It draws on expert meetings and public consultations, including a national online survey.
The strategy is also strongly influenced by the idea that AI will bring changes for the whole of mankind, therefore, solutions and policies should not be only national in scope. The overarching goal of making Germany a world leader is connected to strengthening the position of the European Union and cooperating internationally.
The strategy defines 3 overarching aims:

  1. To make Germany and Europe global leaders on the development and use of AI technologies and secure Germany's competitiveness in the future,

  2. To safeguard the responsible development and use of AI which serves the good of society, and

  3. To integrate AI in society in ethical, legal, cultural and institutional terms in the context of a broad societal dialogue and active political measures.

The strategy goes on to identify 12 fields of action where the Federal Government will undertake measures: 

  1. Strengthening research in Germany and in Europe

  2. Innovation competitions and European innovation clusters

  3. Supporting AI adoption by SMEs

  4. Boosting startups

  5. Restructuring the world of labour

  6. Strengthening AI-related education

  7. Use AI to improve government services

  8. Making data available and facilitating its use

  9. Adjusting the regulatory framework

  10. Set technical and ethical standards

  11. Amplify international cooperation

  12. Conduct broad public engagement

To make these goals come true, the Federal Government aims to spend €3 billion on its program by 2025 and €500 million in 2019.

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