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UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

United Arab Emirates


UAE Government


In October 2017 the UAE Government released an AI strategy. It is meant to support the achievement of the goals laid out in the UAE Centennial 2017, which aspires to make the UAE “the best country in the world” by 2017. This is to be achieved through creating a future-focused government, excellent education, a diversified knowledge economy and a happy and cohesive society underpinned by an Emirati moral system. The AI strategy is meant to boost government performance, make the UAE a leader in AI investment in certain areas, create new markets and use “an integrated smart digital system that can overcome challenges and provide quick efficient solutions.”
Key sectors are specified: transport, health, space, renewable energy, water, technology, education, environment, and traffic.
The strategy also calls for the creation of an AI Council - which was launched in March 2018, headed by Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, as well as plans to issue a law on the safe use of AI.

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